Yes-No দিয়ে ইংরেজীতে প্রশ্ন ও উত্তর

Yes/No questions গঠন করার কৌশল (সামর্থ/পারে কি/পারবে কি জানতে)

হ্যাঁ/না সূচক প্রশ্ন সমূহ (উত্তরসহ)
Can + subject দিয়ে বাক্যটি শুরু হবে, তারপরে ক্রিয়া + অন্যান্য শব্দ বসবে +?

1. Can you drive a car?
আপনি কী গাড়ী চালাতে পারেন?
Yes, I can drive a car.
হ্যাঁ, আমি গাড়ী চালাতে পারি।
No, I can’t drive a car.
না, আমি গাড়ী চালাতে পারবোনা।
No, I can’t.
(শুধু Yes/No বললেও চলবে)
2. Can you go there?
আপনি কি সেখানে যেতে পারবেন?
Yes, I can go there.
হ্যাঁ, আমি সেখানে যেতে পারবো?
No. I can’t go there.
না, আমি সেখানে যেতে পারবো না।
3. Can you eat rice?
Yes, I can eat rice.
No, I can not eat rice.
4. Can you buy the book?
Yes, I can buy the book.
No, I can not buy the book.
5. Can you see him?
Yes, I can see him.
No, I can not see him.
6. Can you invite him?
Yes, I can invite him.
No, I can not invite him.
7. Can you sell the taxi?
Yes, I can sell the taxi.
No, I can not sell the taxi.
8. Can he come here?
Yes, he can come here.
No, he can not come here.
9. Can she sleep at night?
Yes, she can sleep at night.
No, she can not sleep at night.
10. Can they help you?
Yes, they can help me.
No, they can not help me.
11. Can Karim write a letter?
Yes, Karim can write a letter.
No, Karim can’t write a letter.
12. Can she drink cold water?
Yes, she can drink water.
No, she can’t drink water.
13. Can you swim?
14. Can you teach maths?
15. Can you solve the problem?
16. Can you grow food?
17. Can you give me your pen?
18. Can you prove it?
19. Can you cook meat?
20. Can you break it?
21. Can you get at 5 am?
22. Can you save money?
23. Can you carry it?
24. Can you fry the egg?
25. Can you clean the room?
26. Can you wash your dress?
27. Can you pay the bill?
28. Can you speak in English?
29. Can you sing a song?
30. Can you do the sum?
31. Can you post the letter?
32. Can you tolerate this insult?
33. Can you change your habit?
34. Can you cut the tree?
35. Can you boil the egg?
36. Can you paint the wall?
37. Can you open the door?
38. Can you close the door?
39. Can you raise your hand?
40. Can you stand up?
41. Can you understand the questions?
42. Can you drive a car?
43. Can you convince him?
44. Can you come to me?
45. Can you go with me?
46. Can you arrest the thief?
47. Can you follow me?
48. Can you climb up a tree?
49. Can you be happy?
50. Can you swim in the river?

Saleh Uddin

Lecturer, English

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